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What are the capstan structures?

2019-06-25 08:27:06 Changzhou Xdyna Technology Co., Ltd. Read


1. Relay transmission.

The relay transmission receives signals from the remote control, and inside it is a complete circuit that changes the direction of the motor.

2. Motor.

The unit has a dc motor.

There is a cooling fan in the capstan model to prevent the capstan from overheating.

3. Noose guide.

If a noose is needed to work at an Angle, the guide can direct the noose to the drum wheel.

If a roller is carried, it is called a roller noose guide.

4, noose drum wheel.

The noose drum wheel and the noose winding cylinder block, driven by an electric motor.

The direction can be changed by the remote control button.

Heavy capstan noose is heavier, so the drum wheel is larger.

5. Clutch.

The clutch is responsible for switching the noose drum wheel, which is controlled by a simple handle.

6. Remote control.

The remote control can control the noose from a distance.

The most common models have a wire attached to the winch, and there are no linear remote controls on the market